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I consider myself a regular person – wife, mom, friend and now, once again a professional.  I earned my degree in the early ‘80s and immediately embarked on a career as a salesperson in the healthcare industry selling practice management systems.  I was diligent, I paid close attention to detail, and I learned quickly and soon rose to the top of the ranks in our company.

After about a decade and a half of a very successful career, my focus changed.  By then, I was married with a toddler and another baby on the way.  We had moved out of state for my husband’s job and although I could continue working for a sister company, due to logistics, lack of appropriate child care, and distance from my family and their support, we made the tough decision.  My husband and I tightened our belts and our budget; although it was very scary and we wondered how we would make ends meet, I joined the ranks of stay at home moms.

It was the best decision we ever made.  It was rewarding and I would not trade one minute of it.  My days were full of potty training, play dates and as my boys grew, volunteering at church and school and I even had the opportunity to train and run a marathon with my then 12 year old son.  I was so proud.  I savored every minute of being there for both of them – what a blessing.

I stayed in shape, was an avid reader and a news junkie.  Although I could see the rewards of staying home, in the back of my mind, I questioned my worth, wondered what my contribution was to my community and my family.  I saw successful women on the morning talk shows and was beginning to question my value.

As my boys entered high school and no longer welcomed my volunteering at their events and the thought of the quickly approaching college tuition popped into our heads, my husband and I decided it was time for me to re-enter the work force.

I was mortified!  Now middle aged and re-entering a field where technology changes in a few short months, I had been away for over a decade.  Luckily, I had stayed in contact with several work associates and soon had a job offer, blessed again.  Like a re-birth, I emerged refreshed and energetic, more mature but with the same strong work ethic.  Although the technology had changed drastically, many things stayed the same.  I found our business is still about relationships.  Today, I enter a practice, meet the office staff and the doctors and they are like me.  They are mothers and fathers and sometimes young people just getting started; I must say, there are many more female doctors than there were in the 80s.  Their goal is still to provide good service and good care to their patients.

I listen, evaluate and recommend a system that will help them be more efficient, more productive, and ultimately help accomplish their goal – provide better patient care.  Today, our emphasis is more on Electronic Health Records but Practice Management is still important and the patient is always the main focus. With the emergence of EHR, our support staff have rededicated themselves to prompt and efficient service; our clients rely on us to help them provide the highest level of care possible.  We’ve expanded our services and our methods of deploying software vary because of the technology available today.  We deploy on client servers in the doctor’s office but more often than not these days we deploy the software over the internet.  In many cases it proves to be more easily accessible and less expensive.

It all comes full circle; technology changes, software advances but what stays the same is the people; it’s all about relationships and providing quality service.  In today’s world technology may take priority over a personal approach but in the long run it’s the people that we rely on that make all the difference.  I guess the world hasn’t changed so much after all.


Micki Brizes
Project Manager at Benchmark Systems